Monday, June 4, 2007

A little bit about me (in case you care to know)

Welcome to my blog. This is my first expedition into the brave new world of the blogosphere (thanks to a little bit of encouragement from my dear CREC pastor friend, Rogers Meredith, out in Colorado). Since you've taken some of your precious time to visit my blog (or in case you just providentially stumbled in here), let me take a moment to introduce myself and the other family units associated with me. I'm Steve Morris -- avid tennis junkie, ad hoc musician (piano, guitar), wannabe and occasional composer, blessedly married husband of my wonderful wife, Karen, father of five (Ian, Jordan, Shannen, Ethan, & Nathan), lover of good books (especially Theology & History), enjoyer in careful and deliberate moderation of Irish beers/ales and good wines, seminary graduate, pastoral candidate, and (most importantly) unapologetic lover/disciple of Jesus Christ. I'm a native Texan (Austin, to be exact), but my family and I currently dwell in St. Louis, Missouri.  I serve as a personnel manager over a group of men in the Enterprise Audit group at EPC, Inc., the largest Secure IT Asset Recovery firm in the Midwest.  I have a passion for music of many sorts (classical, classic contemporary christian, Christian hymnody, bluegrass, traditional Celtic/Irish, and Norah Jones). So that's me. There will be more to come about other non-me matters in the near future.


jwhittenburg said...

hmmm- I decided to google a certain old friend's name today and this blog came up. COULD IT BE?!?! I do believe I have found my old friend!

What's the "dill", pickle?

Steve Morris said...

Jori Whittenburg,
This is a blessed surprise. It's good to hear from you, dear sister. I would love to interact with you further...there's much catching-up to much to tell you and to hear from/about you since I last saw you (over 20 years ago - my how time flies). My e-mail is I look forward to hearing from you. Your brother and friend always in Christ, Steve Morris.